Best Pomchi Breeders in California 2023

Are you looking to own a Pomchi breed in California? You just landed in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Pomchi breeders in California. We know it’s hard for novice owners to find the best breeder for their lovely puppy. It’s become very hard when you are looking for a breeder that is breeding rare dogs like Pomchis. But you don’t need to worry as we have done all the related research and personally met with many Pomchi breeders in California before listing the below places to own a Pomchi.


But still, we always recommend people visit the breeder before owning a dog. If you have time and the breeder is near you, you must visit the place where they raise their lovely puppies. This will give you a great idea about their puppies. Let’s see the best Pomchi breeders in California.

Local Puppy Breeders

Local puppy breeder is an online platform where you can find many quality breeders for different lovely breeds. You can also find many local breeders at local puppy breeders’ platforms that are offering lovely Pomchi puppies in California. You can get a Pomchi puppy from them with unpredictable appearance depending upon their parents. Don’t worry about the quality of the puppies as the local puppy breeders have some standards to include a breeder in their list. Their standards ensure the quality breeders on the website that can provide quality Pomchi puppies to the families.

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Their goal is to provide the maximum ease to families while selecting their lovely four-leg family member. The contact information of the breeders is also listed on their website. You can contact the breeder via email or phone. Currently, they have listed two Pomchi breeders in their list. But they update their list from time to time.

Visit: Local Puppy Breeders

American Listed

This is another online platform that has listed many Pomchi puppies for sale in California. They have listed many breeders from time to time that is offering the lovely Pomchis for the families. Currently, they have many Pomchis listed from $250 to $600. Their price may be varying depending on their coat color and training status. However, all these breeders are offering quality Pomchi puppies for families in California. You can choose any of their listed Pomchi puppies depending on your budget.

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This listing place found in 2007, so you can find any breeder from here without worrying about the quality. Their experience and standards ensure that the families get a quality puppy for their family. There are many other niche listings also on their website. You must search the Pomchi to check all the Pomchis listed on American Listed.

Visit: American Listed

Good Dog

This is the third online platform in our list that is listing the quality Pomchi puppies on their website. They have different breeders on their website from time to time that are offering cute Pomchi puppies. Some of these offer local pickup only, while some also offer transportation.

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So, check before applying for a Pomchi puppy. You can find a quality Pomchi breeder near you on this platform. For them, all dogs are good dogs and need good homes. So, their mission is to make sure good always ends up with good. They ensure that all their dogs have better beginnings and improved welfare throughout their lives.

Visit: Good Dog


Finding the best Pomchi breeder in California can be a challenging task. Pomchi is a rare breed, and only a few breeders are breeding this dog in the USA. It becomes more challenging when you are looking for a Pomchi breeder in any particular state like California. So, we have tried to make it easier for you by listing the best Pomchi breeders in California.

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