Can Pomchis Eat Cheese? – Benefits and Dangers

If your Pomchi begging you when you are eating the cheese and you are worried about offering the cheese to them? Don’t worry; in this article, we will clarify everything about offering the cheese to Pomchis. It’s good to research before offering any new food to your pet animals. Everything that humans can eat is not good for them. When we talk about the Pmochis, you have to take some special care as it’s a mixed breed and needs some special attention.


Simply, we can say that Pomchis can eat cheese. But you have to only offer them low-fat cheese in moderation. Some of the suitable cheese for Pomchis include cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese. Even small chunks of the cheese are great for the Pomchis training. However, before feeding the cheese to your Pomchi, make sure to check if he is not lactose-intolerant. Now, you may be excited to go towards your fridge to offer the cheese to Pomchi but stop. You have to know more about cheese feeding to Pomchis before offering.

Benefits of Cheese for Pomchis

Cheese has many benefits for Pomchis. But you have to only feed them a recommended amount after consulting with your veterinarian, according to your Pomchi. Let’s have a look at cheese benefits for Pomchis.

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Source of Vitamins

Cheese is a rich source of vitamin A and B. It contains many essential fatty acids, protein, and calcium. All these things play an important role in Pomchis health. Calcium is an important thing to strengthen the Pomchis bones. It’s good for their bone growth and teeth health.

Source of Fat

In fact, the fat found in cheese is also very beneficial for Pomchis. It provides the essential energy to absorb vitamin A.

Training tools

Cheese is a great training tool for Pomchis to pick things quickly. It’s small enough that you can pick in your hand and offer it to your Pomchi when he achieves any training milestone.

Concealing pills

You can conceal the pills in the cheese to make it more likely for the Pomchis to eat the medication. They will get better faster by following their medication routine.

Dangers of Cheese for Pomchis

Cheese can also be dangerous for your Pomchi in some rare cases. Let’s see some dangers of cheese for Pomchis.

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Lactose Intolerance

Some Pomchis don’t react well to dairy products, just like humans. As the cheese is derived from milk, it contains lactose. Dogs and humans are able to digest lactose at a young age. However, their ability to digest lactose decreased with their age. So, you have to feed the cheese to Pomchis with caution at their old age.


You must check the cheese ingredients first before feeding it to Pomchis. The cheese that contains chives, garlic, and onions is considered toxic to Pomchis.

High salt Content

Too much amount of cheese can lead the Pomchis to sodium poisoning. So, make sure to don’t give the salty cheese to your Pomchi as it can lead them to watery diarrhea, vomiting, excessive thirst, and lack of appetite. If you notice any of the above symptoms, try to consult with your vet immediately. If your Pomchi has kidney issues, don’t give them that type of cheese.

High-Fat Content

The fat content in cheese has its pros and cons. Don’t give the cheese to Pomchis if he is overweight or has pancreatitis. In these cases, the high-fat content can lead to permanent damage.

Different types of cheese you shouldn’t feed to Pomchis

Below are 5 types of cheese you shouldn’t feed to your Pomchi. These cheeses can cause serious damage to your Pomchi.

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Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is low in lactose; however, it contains high amounts of sodium. Pomchis can’t process the sodium very well like humans and other dogs. The high sodium diet can make your Pomchi dizzy, vomit, and dehydrated.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese contains mycotoxin, which is not suitable for dogs. It is produced by the mold of the cheese during the ripening process. However, if your Pomchi accidentally eats a small piece of blue cheese, he will probably be fine. Keep an eye on your Pomchi if he eats blue cheese. Call your veterinarian immediately if your Pomchi starts vomiting, seizures, or diarrhea.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is not recommended for the Pomchis at all as it contains a high amount of lactose. The cream in this cheese adds extra fat and lactose. Cream cheese can upset your Pomchis stomach. So, don’t give the cream cheese to Pomchis at all. S

Cheese with herbs, tomatoes, and garlic

It’s a bad combination of cheese for any dog breed. If your Pomchi eats it accidentally, there are chances that it will make him sick. So, make sure to avoid the cheese with extra salt, fat, and added ingredients.

Red Cheese

Don’t give any type of red cheese to Pomchis as it contains annatto.

How much cheese should a Pomchi eat?

Whenever you are offering the cheese to Pomchis, keep in mind that moderation is the key to keeping them healthy. Feed them only small amounts and don’t do it frequently. It should not be a regular part of their diet. If you want to always stay on the safe side, you can make 10% tule. Don’t feed the cheese to Pomchis more than 10% of their regular diet.

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What are the best ways to serve the cheese to Pomchis?

You can serve the cheese to Pomchis in two different ways, grated cheese and cheese treats.

  • Grated cheese: Grated cheese is a small slice of cheese in your Pomchis meal. For the extra taste, you can warm it.
  • Cheesed treats: You can also offer the cheese to your Pomchi as training treats. This will make the training process easier and make it special for your Pomchi.

Do all the Pomchis like to eat cheese?

No, all the Pomchis don’t like to eat the cheese. Every Pomchi individual may don’t like to eat cheese. They have their own food preferences, so there is no way to decide what your Pomchi like to eat without trying it. Don’t force your Pomchi to like the taste of cheese; instead, you can offer them other friendly treats. You can also consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new food to your Pomchi.


We can conclude that Pomchis can eat cheese, but you have to take special care while feeding the cheese to Pomchis. Cheese has its own benefits and dangers for Pomchis. Some Pomchis may take a small amount of cheese without any issues. But others may don’t like to eat it at all. So, if your Pomchi doesn’t like the cheese taste, don’t force him. However, if he likes to eat the taste, make a rule to only offer him the cheese in moderation. When you offer the cheese to Pomchis, ensure it’s not more than 10% of their diet.

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