How Long Can Pomchis Live? – Pomchis Life Expectancy

Are you looking for how long Pomchis can live? What is the life expectancy of a Pomchi? Today we will talk about this little cutie’s life expectancy. You can say that Pomchi is the little ball of energy that is perfect for people looking for an energetic dog breed. Their average life span is about 12 to 18 years, which is well above the average life span of most dog breeds. So, you are going to make a long-term commitment while owning a Pomchi. They have a big personality, making them a good furry friend for dog lovers.


We know life expectancy is always a big concern for dog lovers to focus on before owning any dog breed. That’s why we come up with all the great information related to Pomchis life expectancy. They get all the best genetic traits from both of their purebred parents, the Pomeranian and Chihuahua, which plays an important role in their life span. Many health issues of the Pomeranian and Chihuahua don’t appear in the Pomchis due to the wonders of genetic diversity. Let’s know more about the Pomchis life span.

Life Expectancy of Pomchis

Pomchis life expectancy is 12 to 18 years, which is well above the average life span of 11 to 13 years of many dog breeds. You can expect your Pomchi to live anywhere from 12 to 18 years if he doesn’t have any major health issues. Although, they have low chances of facing chihuahua and Pomeranian health issues like liver shunt, seizures, weak windpipes, wobbly kneecaps, seizures, and skin problems. But a tender love keeps your Pomchis stress level at a minimum, which plays an important role in their lifespan. A good amount of affection and attention keeps them happier.

Average Life Cycle of Pomchis

Whenever you buy a Pomchi puppy, if everything goes fine, it goes through three life cycles. Here are the life cycles your Pomchi will go through.

Newborn Pomchi

Pomchi New BornLike all the other dog breeds, Pomchis are also born without any of their senses, which include sight, smell, hearing, and touch. They completely rely on their mothers to relieve themselves. However, after two to three weeks, most of the Pomchi puppies gained most of their senses, including taste and smell. But some individuals can take more time to get a sense of hearing. It’s needed to keep them warm and comfortable during this stage due to their small size. They should be closely monitored until their fur come in, which can take four to five weeks.

Young Pomchi

young pomchiThis is the age when Pomchis are curious to play and eager to learn like all the other dog breeds. They quickly learn the different basic things during this stage. After two to three months, Pomchis can be adopted to their permanent homes. They should be properly socialized during this period as they can easily become fearful and traumatized. You can offer solid foods to them at this time as well.

Adult Pomchis

adult pomchiPomchis reached their sexual maturity as an adult at the age of 8 to 12 months. These type of small dog breeds reach their adult age much faster than the large dog breeds. They are more stubborn and curious during this age and need consistent training and affection. Keep them warm and comfortable indoors until their magnificent and fluffy coat grows. After six to seven years, Pomchis likely mellow out, which is more senior dog age for many other dog breeds. Usually, they can live another six years without any serious medical issues.

How To Extend Pomchis Lifespan?

There are various factors that can play an important role in the life expectancy of a Pomchi. You can focus on these factors to extend the life of your new family member. Let’s see what you can do to extend the life span of your Pomchi.

Make a Strict Diet Plan

This is the very first and most important thing you can do, whichever dog breed you own. But it’s more important for the small dog breeds as they gain weight more quickly. Even your Pomchi will also thank you if you maintain their healthy feeding schedule and diet. Many Pomchis also face stomach issues, so a proper feeding plan is a must for them.

Make a Strict Exercise Plan

Although the Pomchis are very active and spend a maximum of their time playing, you still have to dedicate special time to their exercise. It’s important to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment for exercising. This will ensure that your Pomchi will not face any unnecessary pain and trauma.

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Visit The Veterinarian Regularly

Whether your Pomchi has any health issues or not, he will benefit from every visit to the vet. The routine checkups always keep your Pomchi at a minimum risk of getting any serious health issues. In fact, it’s the very first line of defense against serious health issues.

Keep Their Coat Clean

You may be a wonder to know that but keeping your Pomchi clean is another way to increase their life expectancy, especially by cleaning out their coat. Their beautiful fluffy coat needs regular grooming. So, make sure their routine grooming and maintenance in order to look the best.

Keep Their Teeth Clean

Gum and teeth health is also another important factor that plays a role in Pomchis life span. It’s the very first thing in their feeding process. Food deficiency can lead any healthy dog to various health issues.


Pomchis can live between 12 to 18 years, which is more than any other dog breed’s average life span of 11 to 13 years. So, it’s the best four-leg companion for people looking for a dog with maximum life expectancy. But you have to pay some special attention to their feeding as they can get the extra weight just like the other small dog breeds. You also have to take care of their environment, cleaning, and veterinary checkups. Regular veterinarian checkups prevent your Pomchi from various health issues.

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