How Smart Are Pomchis? Pomchis Vs. Average Dogs

Pomchis are tiny smart dogs with larger-than-life personalities. Often, these small, intelligent hybrids play with toys or snuggle on their favorite human’s lap. Their mighty attributes make them one of the smartest mixed dog breeds. You can make these smart dogs the best loyal companions by devoted training and socializing. Even they are much more active and smart than the Chihuahua and less high-strung than the Pomeranian.


They are very smart and curious and great for obedience training. They are very friendly and approachable as well. The most important thing is their proper training and socialization. You will find them to pick things quickly due to their smartness. But you must be patient. The essential time for their socialization is between 8-14 weeks. Although it’s a smart breed, they require regular toys and mental stimulation. They show great intent to learn things, but their regular exercise and play remain important. Let’s talk more about the smartness of this beautiful breed.

Pomchis Vs. Average Dogs

Pomchis are well above the average dogs in terms of their smartness and intelligence. In fact, they are beating many popular dogs in America in their intelligence and smartness. They are almost 5 to 10 times quicker learning new commands than the average dogs. Moreover, their success rate in obeying the known commands is also higher than average dogs. Despite their small size, you can make them fantastic watch  dogs. They are very alert and attentive, which shows their smartness. s

How Can You Measure The Pomchis Smartness?

You can measure the Pomchis smartness depending on their parents. They inherit the best traits from Pomeranians, ranked 28th smartest dog for obedience, working, and intelligence. Pomchis are quick in learning the new commands and have an incredible ability to solve problems. You can measure your Pomchi smartness by focusing on the below points.

  • Pomchi DogYou can notice the number of repetitions your Pomchi took to learn a brand-new command. If he took a fewer number of repetitions, it shows his intelligence.
  • What is the success rate of your Pomchi in obeying a known command? If his success rate is high, it shows his great intelligence and obedience.
  • How does your Pomchi perform in obeying the regular day commands such as potty commands and some controlling commands.
  • What is the adaptive intelligence of your dog? This is the final component, which refers to how your Pomchi can learn for itself. How does he learn from his previous mistakes and intelligence?
  • What is the instinctive intelligence of your dog? This is the ability of your dog, which refer to the skill and ability that the dog breed was developed for. For example, the Australian Shepherds were bred to be a herding dogs.

How To Deal With Smart Pomchis?

Sometimes it’s hard for the owners to handle a smart and intelligent dog than other dogs. They have to do some more work due to their higher intelligence. Smart dogs are better at problem-solving. You can deal with these types of smart dogs by keeping them busy with different activities. Don’t leave them alone while you are away from home. Keep some playing toys and chewing toys with them. These types of toys help to stimulate their minds.


We can conclude that Pomchis are smart and intelligent dogs that inherit great intelligence traits from Pomeranians. Their playful and active lifestyle plays an important role in their smartness. They are well above the other average dogs in terms of their intelligence and smartness. You can learn the commands quickly and obey them. So, if you are looking for a small dog breed with positive fun and energy, Pomchi can be the right choice for you.

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