How To Train a Pomchi? – 8 Tips To Train Pomchi

Pomchis are tiny and cute dogs, which makes them perfect for families. But their training can be challenging for novice owners. They can be stubborn and refuse to obey the commands. So, following some training tips is important to overcome the Pomchis independent thinking. This breed comes from Pomeranians who’s ancient are used to pulling heavy sleds and herding livestock. These are good for people who are looking for a small companion dog.


Their yappy, snappy, and bossy nature allows them to dominate the household. But people usually worry about their training. You don’t need to worry; here we will tell you how to train a Pomchi? Below we have listed the best tips to train this cute dog to make it ideal for your family. Let’s get started with how to train a Pmochi?

1. Earn Your Pomchi Respect  

Pomchi is a small dog breed, so you must earn their respect. It’s one of the main things to successfully train the Pomchis. Usually, they don’t listen to whatever you are saying. So, it’s important to start with the Pomchis respect training. You have to make a list of rules your Pmochi have to follow. You may be tired of saying No again and again, but you need to be persistent to get the results. If your Pmochi is still acting out, you can stay higher on your Pomchi puppy to put some pressure. Don’t sit alongside your Pomchi on the floor or don’t allow him to sit on furniture while you are sitting on the floor.

2. Use The Trainer Voice

The professional trainers don’t shout at the dogs even when they reach the breaking point. Owners have to understand that shouting only scare their Pmochis, which can lead them to lose the respect they earn. This will be a negative training experience for your Pomchi. A firm voice is always recommended to articulate the commands. This is the best way to deliver the message to Pomchis.

3. Pick A Right Time

You can’t train your Pomchi puppy at any time. You have to pick a proper time to train him. Don’t choose the time for training when they are tired or exhausted. You can choose a time which is suitable for both of you. Generally, the best time to train the Pomchis is before breakfast or dinner, as they are more motivated when they are hungry. Whatever you are going to decide, training should be the main part of your Pomchi life.

Pomchi Dog

4. Reward Him On Time

Pomchis need high-value rewards when they obey your commands. This is the best way to encourage the Pomchis for training. You have to choose something that your Pomchi loves the most. However, you have to take special care about their feeding as they can easily overfeed. Commercial treats are usually high in calories, so they should be given in very small pieces. You can also prepare homemade treats. But make sure to don’t offer the treats to your Pomchis than 10% of their daily calorie intake.

5. Use Crate Training

House training is very important for any dog breed. If they don’t train on time, you will find them peeing anywhere in the house. You have to train them inside or outside. Choose a perfect location and take your Pomchi there as frequently as possible. So, crate training is necessary training for any dog breed. It’s taught your Pomchi to hold their bladder and provide them a safe place for it.

6. Teach Them Basic Commands

You should start with the most basic commands first. The very first command you can start with is “Sit”. This is an easy command, and most dog breeds pick it quickly. You can train your Pomchi for this position with a treat. You can hold the treat in your hand and move it above your head. Your Pomchi will follow the food and sit on the ground. When they sit properly on the ground, quickly reward them with the treat. You can also train your Pomchi to come when called.

Pomchi Dog

7. Nip Any Biting

Sometime Pomchis can be snappy. So, you have to train them not to bite. Usually, they bite a lot when they are teething. You can purchase suitable chewing toys to prevent your Pomchi from any injury. This will relieve their teething pain. When their teething end, you should ignore your Pomchi teething. Simply, leave them alone and don’t speak to them for a while. If they behave well, reward them with treats and praise. However, if they bite you again, put them in the playpen.

8. Encourage The Family

When you are living in a family, it’s important to involve the whole family in training. All family members need to obey the training rules to get the results. You have to teach them how to react when your Pomchi misbehave. Otherwise, it may be hard for you to train your Pomchi.


We can conclude that dogs or dogs, no matter their size and breed. You have to train them properly to perfectly adjust them in a family. It’s an important part of any dog’s life. You can train them for various simple tasks. In this article, we help you to train your Pomchi. Sometimes, they can be stubborn, so it’s important to start their training early. Hopefully, this article will help you to train your Pomchi.

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