Why Do Pomchi Eyes Water? – Causes of Tear Stains in Pomchis

Are you wondering about the tearing eyes of your Pomchi? Don’t worry; they are common in different colored Pomchis and known as tear stains. This can also be due to some eye issues of the Pomchis. Their eyes also water if some foreign object gets inside. These tear stains are common in many dog breeds as compared to others. Sometimes it’s also referred to as the brachycephalic dog group.


You may have heard the term tear stains for the first time. Don’t worry; these can be due to various reasons, including allergies, especially happened in spring after all. Dogs usually get dark brown or reddish moist lines that appear under the eyes during the tear stains. Sometimes they also go hand and hand with eye discharge. You can easily notice them if your Pomchi has lighter color fur. That’s why these are more visible in the white Pomchis. Let’s see the different causes of the tear stains.

Causes of Tear Stains

You can usually notice the tear stains in Pomchis when the fur beneath their eyes remains damp for a long time. The pigment in tears called “porphyrin” changes the fur color under the eyes. Many puppies also face runny eyes while teething, but you don’t need to worry as it’s temporary. In fact, in nosed breeds, the shape of their face is also responsible for their watery eyes. The causes of tear stains include the following.


Dogs can also have allergies like the humans, such as smoke allergies, pollen allergies, dust allergies, and even some dogs also have food allergies. Pomchis face irritation in their eyes due to allergies due to which their eyes start watering. If you don’t know what allergy your dog has? You can take your Pomchi to the vet to run some tests to know about the allergy they have. Some Pomchis also have grain allergies, which might result in more tears than usual.

Blocked Tear Ducts

The blocked tear ducts can also be responsible for the Pomchis watery eyes. When their ducts are blocked, the liquid starts coming out of their eyes, which leads them to a damp area under their eyes. It’s important to handle this issue quickly as it can lead your Pomchi to skin irritation.

Eye Infection

Pomchis can also face watery eyes due to eye infections. The color of their tears changed due to yellow, bloody, or mucusy eyes during this condition. Sometimes their eyes also look swollen or irritated during the infection. This is a more serious condition; you have to visit the vet more quickly in this case.

Pomchi Dog

Eyelid Issues

Sometime Pomchis also get eyelids partially bent inwards. In this case, the eyelashes brush against the eye and cause irritation and watering. In some worst cases, it can also scratch the cornea and damage it. This condition is also known as Entropion, which often by birth. Usually, Pomchis diagnosed with this condition at one year of age.

Cornea Injury

Sometimes Pomchis accidentally scratch the outer layer of their eyes, “the cornea,” with a stick, a toy, or a blanket. You may notice excessive tearing, swelling, and redness depending upon the damage.

Eyelash Issues

Eyelash issues can also lead the Pomchis to watery eyes and tear stains. They may have eyelashes that bend inward and irritate their eyes or eyelashes that grow from the wrong part of their eyelid. Your Pomchi can face watery eyes, swelling, and redness due to eyelash issues.

How To Prevent The Pomchis From Watery Eyes?

You don’t need to worry much about the Pomchis watery eyes as it’s common for many dog breeds. But it’s good to visit the vet as it can also be due to some serious health problems. Below are some of the points which can help you to prevent your Pomchis from watery eyes.

Pomchi Dog

Find The Eye Problem

Tear stains are harmless, but they can be dangerous for your Pomchi in certain cases. So, it’s important to first determine the cause of your Pomchi tear stains. Otherwise, they may reappear sooner after some time.

Use Tear Stain Remover

Once you have identified the cause of your Pomchi tears, you can get a tear stain remover. The stain removers keep the moisture away and inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast. You can also use organic coconut oil, which is also very safe and effective. Don’t use bleach or other chemical solutions as these can be toxic to Pomchis. Make sure to softly apply the stain remover to keep it simple for your Pomchi. Repeat it daily to effectively reduce the stains. You can use it for 10 consecutive days to get the best results.


Pomchis eyes can also water like many other dog breeds. You don’t need to worry as it’s common for many dog breeds. But there can be various reasons for their watery eyes. So, it’s good to check the vet first to do anything. He will tell you if your Pomchi is facing this issue due to any serious health problem. Sometimes it’s also referred to as tear stains, which are responsible for the damp fur around the Pomchis eyes. After consulting with your vet, you can use the tear stain removers to gently remove them from the Pomchis fur.

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