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Pomchis are very energetic, playful, and loyal dogs. It’s a great mix of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. Many people also know them as Chiranian or Chi-pom. They can have long or short hair depending upon their parents. So, their regular grooming is important. But don’t worry, they are easy to care for. You have to clean their eyes and teeth as well along their hair as it’s a part of their overall grooming. This will prevent them from many health issues.


In this article, we will tell you everything about Pomchi grooming. You can take them to the groomer for their grooming. But you can often do their grooming at home as well. Daily brushing is important, especially if your Pomchi has a long coat. It’s important to prevent them from mats, which can be painful. If the marts are close to their skin, make sure to shave them. Let’s know how to groom a Pomchi?

Brush The Coat

This is the main and important part of any dog grooming. You can use a soft-bristle brush to brush the Pomchis coat. Brush their coat in the direction of their hair growth. Maintain gentle strokes as brush bristles can bruise the Pomchis skin. Daily brushing is important to prevent the coat from mats and keep it manageable.

Trim Excess Hair

Trim the excess hairs with blunt-edged scissors. Especially trim the hairs under the tail to keep this area clean. Look at the hairs between the paw pads and overgrown hairs all over the body. This will prevent the dogs from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Pomchi Dog

Clean The Area Under Eyes

Dogs can have spots under their eyes due to any discharge from the eyes. So, clean the area under their eyes to remove any tear stains, which can lead them to bacterial infections. These infections are even responsible for their eye issues.

Brush Their Teeth

Brush your Pomchis teeth to prevent them from teeth and gum issues. Use a small, soft-bristle dog toothbrush to minimize the chances of any mouth injury. Commercial dog toothpastes are also available; you can choose anyone according to your dog’s needs. The tooth issues can lead your Pomchi to bacteria buildup, which can lead them to tooth decay.

Bathe Your Pomchi

Only bathe your Pomchi if it appears visibly dirty. You can use warm water and dog shampoo for bathing your Pomchi. Bathing can remove the natural oils from your dog skin, so it’s important to bathe your Pomchi when necessary.

Pomchi Dog

Take Them To Professional Groomer

You can also take your pomchi to a professional groomer when necessary. They know about the different in-fashion styles of dog coats. They will choose a good-looking coat style depending upon the qualities of your Pomchi coat. You can ask them to use the trimmer or scissors to trim the coat of your Pomchi. If you are looking for scissoring all over, this will be best done by a professional groomer. You can also ask the groomer for the following simple hairstyles.

  • Lion Clip: This is the simplest haircut of the Pomchi, which requires leaving the fluffy ruff around their neck long and head. Some hairs are on the tail end as well.
  • Teddy Bear Clip: If you need a teddy bear clip of your Pomchi, you have to leave the headlong and fluffy with the short coat on the rest of their body.
  • Puppy Cut: In this cut, your Pomchi will look like a puppy dog. You have to clip your Pomchi short all over for a puppy cut.


Grooming is important for Pomchis as well, just like any other dog breed. Their fluffy coat requires regular brushing to prevent it from the mat, especially if they have long hair. But if their coat is short, you don’t have to brush their coat daily. The overall grooming of the Pomchis includes their coat care, teeth brushing, and cleaning of the area under their eyes. You can also take them to professional groomers occasionally to maintain their perfect look. Professional groomers know about the latest coat styles of the dogs.

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