Pomchi Haircuts – 6 Cutest Pomchis Haircuts

Pomchi is an adorable mix of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. These are like cute balls filled with energy and spunk. It’s one of the smallest mixed dog breeds. You may have to do some extra work when it comes to their grooming. You have to maintain their coat to prevent mating and tangles. The best thing about Pomchi grooming is that they can have various haircuts. They look very adorable and loving in each of their hairstyles. In this article, we will tell you about the 6 cutest Pomchis haircuts, which will make your Pomchi look rocking.


Before wiring about the Pomchis hairstyles, we meet with many Pomchi owners and professional groomers to make about their haircuts. You can go to your groomer and ask him for any of the below Pomchi cuts. Choose any one from the list below according to your Pomchi and the climate where you live. Let’s see the cutest Pomchis haircuts.

6 Cutest Pomchis Haircuts

If you are looking for any adorable haircut for your Pomchi, choose anyone from the below and ask your groomer for this haircut. Their adorable silky coat gives them a chance to have any hairstyles from the list below. Pick any haircut ranging from cute and cuddly to bold and fierce.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

A Teddy bear haircut gives your Pomchi a real-life bear style. Your Pomchi will get a rounded face and ears for an extra adorable appearance. This haircut emphasizes their face more than the other body parts. Depending on the weather, you can get any appropriate length of your Pomchi coat.

2. Lion Cut

Your small size Pomchi will roar in this lion cut. You have to keep their fur long on their head, neck, chest, and front in this beautiful cut. While the fur on their body, belly, back, hind legs, and tail are closely shaved. Don’t expose your Pomchi to heat or cold with this hairstyle.

3. Puppy Cut

This is one of the most popular cuts of the Pomchis. This is not an adorable cut of the Pomchis; it’s also fit for energetic Pomchis who love to enjoy the sunshine. It’s somehow similar to the teddy bear cut, which involves keeping their fur at a uniform length all over their body. It’s slightly different from the rounded face look of the teddy bear Pomchi cut.

4. Fox Cut

Pomchis are already known for their fox-like appearance. But with their adorable fox cut, many people are unable to differentiate them from real foxes. This cut involves giving their pointer face and ears a triangular fashion by cutting. However, the rest of the body is cut shorter with a wild-looking tail like the foxes.

5. Lamb Cut

This is a simple low, maintenance haircut for the Pomchis. However, it’s not only simple. It’s also made your lovely Pomchi look like a soft lamb. This special lamb cut gives your Pomchi more pointed-looking ears and a distinct muzzle.

6. Kennel Cut

Kennel cut is a good-looking, low-maintenance cut of the Pomchis. It keeps your Pomchi fur at a manageable length. So, you can choose any hair length, long or short. You can start with little, longer hairs and check if they are easy to manage. If not, then you can further cut their fur further shorter.

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Pomchi Haircuts For Summer and Winter

Like many other spitz dogs, Pomchis also have a double coat, an undercoat, and a top coat. Their undercoat act as insulation to keep them warm, and the topcoat protects their undercoat and skin from weather conditions. So, it’s important to avoid shaving the Pomchis in the summertime. They need bulk of fur on their body to keep their body temperature regulated. Don’t cut their fur too short as it’s compromising their insulation layer and can be responsible for their overheating issues. They can also face alopecia, which is responsible for permanent hair loss due to close hair shaving.

If you go with the shorter hairs of your Pomchi, make sure to keep their coat and skin moisturized and sun protected to avoid sun damage. However, for the winter cut, you can keep their coat longer and can be more creative with their haircuts. Their longer needs more often brushing as compared to their shorter hairs.

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How Often Should A Pomchi Be Groomed?

Pomchis have a nice fluffy coat depending upon his parents. But how often should you visit the groomer for their grooming? Besides a smooth coat, every dog needs grooming on average of four to six weeks at a minimum. This average time period depends upon the cycle of hair growth and basic health. You have to trim their sanitary areas for cleanliness and trim the hairs on their paw pads to prevent slipping and knots. Stay on top of your Pomchi grooming, especially during the summer. Their grooming and bathing process is the best time to fully inspect the Pomchi to remove any ticks or other parasites.


Pomchi is an adorable mix of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. Their fox-like look is very attractive to dog lovers with their beautiful coats. In this article, we have explained 6 different haircuts of the Pomchis, including their winter and summer cuts. You can choose any of the above haircuts depending upon the coat of your Pomchi. You can ask your groomer for any of the above haircuts. Whichever haircut you are going to choose, make sure to take special care to maintain their look. As a mixed dog breed, they may need some extra attention than the other purebreds.

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