How Much Do Pomchis Shed? – Reasons For Their Shedding

Pomchis are one of the great choices for people looking for a small and cute dog. They are known for their loyal and friendly nature. But how much do Pomchis shed? This is one of the main questions of many Pomchis owners. It’s very important to know about the shedding nature of Pomchis coat to take its proper Care. The answer is that they regularly shed throughout the year. But exactly, it depends on the coat they inherit from their parents. If they inherit the coat from Pomeranians, this will be thick and double-layered, which will be shed quite a lot. If they inherit the cost from Chihuahua, this will be shed less.


But it’s common for the Pomchi puppies to inherit the mix of it. They shed seasonally twice per year, during spring and fall. However, shedding is heaviest during the spring as they prepare for their summer coat during this season. It doesn’t mean that they require too much maintenance in terms of their coat. During the autumn and winter months, they shed very little. So, it’s important to know about the traits and characteristics of the Pomchis, if you are looking to own them. In this article, we will talk about the shedding of the Pomchis. Let’s know more about the Pomchis shedding.

The Pomchi Coat

Pomchi is a cross breed of Pomeranian and Chihuahua, so it’s unsurprising to know that they typically have coats like their parents. But what exact coat they have depends upon the genes they inherit from their parents. In fact, their coat can be either short or long, single or double-layered. Their coat can come in different colors, which include the sable fawn and sometimes the mix of colors. Rarely you can also find the black Pomchis. Whichever coat they will have, it will be soft to touch and straight.

  • Pomchi DogIf your Pomchi inherits the coat genes from Pomeranian, their coat will be longer, denser, and double-layered.
  • If your Pomchi inherits the coat genes from a Chihuahua parent, it will be longer, hair will be thinner, and it will likely be single-layered.

There are not any recognized breed standards for Pomchis as it’s a cross breed. But they are still classified as the same breed. In terms of their overall appearance, they have a fluffy coat with a chihuahua face. Their coats need regular grooming and maintenance to prevent tangles. It’s generally advised to brush their coat daily to weekly. They equally do well in extreme weather conditions, in hot and cold as well.

Reasons For Pomchis Shedding

Besides the genes they inherit from their parents, the Pomchis shedding can also depend upon various other factors, which include the following.

Poor Dietary Habits

The poor dietary habits of your Pomchi can also lead them to a lot of shedding. A poor diet can include both inadequate intake and wrong food. Dogs can develop the illness under stressful conditions. Health conditions such as mange, shear, fungus, and cancer can be responsible for their shedding.

Dead Cells

Shedding can also be due to the removal of dead cells. Dogs try to remove their dead cells by shedding their fur. Once all the dead cells are removed, new cells will start growing.

Do Pomchis Shed A Lot?

Pomchis are known for their shedding, but the exact amount can vary from individual to individual. It’s largely dependent upon the coat they inherit from their parents. So, you can get the best idea of their shedding after meeting with the puppy parent. So, depending upon the parents, Pomchis shed throughout the years, but more during the change of the seasons. Whatever you are thinking, the truth is that all dog breeds shed to some extent.

Are Pomchis Hypoallergenic?

No, Pomchis are not considered hypoallergenic. In fact, there is not any dog that is truly hypoallergenic. All the dog breeds are allergenic to some extent. However, some breeds are considered a lot better than others. All dogs shed and have dander which is the main cause of their allergies. Some dogs that shed minimal and release minimum dander are considered hypoallergenic.

Pomchi Dog

Keeping this scale in mind, we can say that Pomchis are not hypoallergenic as they shed a small amount yearly. During their seasoning shedding, they shed heavily. So, if you have allergies, it’s recommended to don’t consider Pomchis or at least keep an eye on them to check how they react. Moreover, proper house cleaning, brushing, coat maintenance, and regular grooming is the effective remedy for lowering the effect of their shedding. This will lower the chances of allergic reactions for many people.

How To Maintain And Groom The Pomchis?

The regular maintenance and grooming of the Pomchis are essential to minimize the side effect of their shedding, especially during their peak shedding seasons. Regular grooming and maintenance will not stop their shedding, but this will minimize their shedding effects. It’s also kept your Pomchi clean and avoids the accumulation of harmful substances. If you don’t care about your Pomchi coat, this will develop some health complications for them. Below are some of the tips to keep your Pomchi healthy, happy, and comfortable.

Brush Your Pomchi Daily

Regular brushing keeps your Pomchi coat clean and fresh. You can use the slicker brushing as they prevent the matting in the Pomchi coat. It’s also easy on their skin and keeps their fur from falling on the ground. You can also easily use this brush without harming the Pomchi coat. If your Pomchi has long hairs, you can trim them before brushing. You should trim the hairs beneath the tail and around the paw pads. This will prevent your Pomchi from building harmful substances.

Provide Professional Care

Professional grooming is also recommended for the Pomchis at least once every few months. The professional groomer provides a safe and suitable haircut for the Pomchis.

Try Home Remedies

You can also try out some natural home remedies to minimize your Pomchis shedding. You can use coconut, yogurt, olive oil, vitamin E, fish oil, and vinegar. These remedies not only minimize their shedding, also maintain their healthier skin.

Pomchi Dog

Clean Pomchis Eyes

Clean the area under the Pomchis eyes with a damp cloth by using cold water. Gently remove the matter below their eyes to wipe their tear stains and prevent infections. This is perfect for their overall health.

Take Care of Their Teeth

Dental health also plays a role in Pomchis overall health. You can also provide them few dental toys or chew toys. This will keep their mouth clean and breath fresh. Regular dental care is good for removing bacteria and tarter. Without teeth cleaning, your Pomchi may suffer from tooth decay, pain, and other dental problems.


Pomchis don’t need regular bathing as it can damage their natural oil in the coat like all the other dog breeds. These oils maintain the healthy growth of the dog and prevent bacteria accumulation. You can use lukewarm water and dog shampoo for their bathing.

Nail Trimming

Make sure to trim your Pomchi nails every few weeks. Only use the nail clippers and not cut too deep by accident.

Feed Nutritional Food

The high-quality nutritional food is also good for keeping the Pomchis coat in better condition. You can discuss the meal plan with your veterinarian.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that Pomchis shed seasonally. Their shedding seasons are fall and spring. They are not hypoallergenic like all the other dog breeds. But you can control their shedding by taking their special Care. In short, these are not the dogs for people who are suffering from allergies.

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