Why is My Pomchi Shedding So Much? – 4 Common Reasons

Pomchis are known for their moderate to heavy shedding. Their thick, heavy coat can experience excessive shedding twice a year during the spring and fall seasons. They blow their coats during this season to give some space for new hair. Otherwise, they are consistent with their moderate shedding throughout the year. There are some specific reasons for Pomchis shedding as compared to many other designer dog breeds. They are not hypoallergenic like many other mixed dog breeds.


However, shedding is a natural process of all dog breeds. However, some may shed less as compared to others. It depends upon their breed type and the season of the year. So, if you are planning to own a Pomchi, you should beware of their shedding. In this article, we will see everything about Pomchi shedding.

4 Common Reasons For Pomchis Shedding

If your Pomchi is shedding, don’t worry. It’s a natural process for many dog breeds. However, if your Pomchi is shedding more, there can be the following reasons.

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1. Pomchis Thick Coat

If you are living in cold areas, Pomchis builds a thick coat to prevent himself from cold weather. Without their thick coat, they can’t survive in a cold climate. So, in order to combat the brutal winter, they need a thick coat to keep themselves warm. So, you can expect them more shedding due to their hair.

2. Pomchis Double Coat

Pomchis have a double coat, which protects them from cold temperatures and other environmental elements. Their coat is made up of two coats, a topcoat and an undercoat. Both of these coats protect their skin. Their undercoat has a whole-like feel, which is short and dense. It keeps your dog warm during the winter season. In fact, it’s one of the most effective insulators for dogs. On the other hand, their topcoat consists of longer hairs, which protect the Pomchis skin from potential hazards in the environment. So, their double-layered coat doubles the opportunity to shed, which especially happens during the change in season.

3. Seasonal Shedding

As mentioned earlier, many dog breeds shed more during specific seasons to give some space to new hairs. Unfortunately, it’s especially bad for Pomchis as other dogs with a double-layered coat. Pomchis also shed twice a year, around spring and fall. They typically experience heavy or excessive shedding during these seasons. When the winter is around, Pomchis start shedding their lighter summer coat to make room for a thicker coat. Similarly, they also shed their warm winter hairs during springtime to prepare themselves for a lighter summer coat. This is the time when Pomchis shed heavier due to their thicker winter coat. So, during this season, you can expect plenty of fur around your house. This time is especially for people having allergies to dogs.

4. Malnutrition

Poor nutrition is also responsible for excessive shedding in Pomchis. A poor diet can lead dogs to any type of health problem. So, make sure to meet at least the minimum nutritional requirement for your dog. An imbalanced diet can also lead your dog to excessive shedding.

How To Deal With Pomchi Shedding?

You can’t completely control your Pomchi shedding. It’s useless to control their genetic shedding completely. However, you can help your Cavachon to minimize the shedding through grooming. There are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy coat. Below are some of the tips to deal with Pomchi shedding.

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Brush Your Pomchi

Brushing is one of the best ways to minimize the Pomchis shedding. Not all dogs enjoy brushing; however, it helps them a lot to maintain their healthy coat. It is especially beneficial for dogs with a double coat. If you don’t have enough time to brush your Cavachon, at least three times a week seems reasonable. However, it’s good to brush them daily during the shedding season.

Bathing Your Pomchi

Bathing is also important for dogs to prevent them from dirt build-up, which can cause matted fur. Even this can be painful in some cases. Bathing is also helpful in washing away all the loose hairs on the dog. So, it can be extremely helpful during the shedding seasons. However, don’t give the bathe to your Pomchi too often either, as it can remove the essential oil from their hairs. Normally, Pomchis should be bathed once every 2 to 3 months. These are indoor dogs and can stay relatively clean for longer periods.

Use Shampoo or Conditioner

The ideal dog shampoos and conditioners are recommended to keep your Pomchi coat soft and healthy. Make sure these are natural and easy on Pomchis skin and coat. You must go as naturally as possible when choosing Shampoo for your dog. Don’t use human shampoos as they can be harsh on sensitive skin.

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Do Pomchis Shed A Lot?

Pomchis are known for their shedding. However, the amount each individual Pomchi will shed can vary depending upon different factors. It depends upon the coat they inherit from their parents. If they inherit their Pomeranian parent coat, this thick double-layered coat will shed quite a lot. However, if they shed their coat from Chihuahua parents, they will shed less. Usually, they inherit a mix of two coats, Pomeranian and Chihuahua coats.


Is your Pomchi also shedding? Don’t worry; they are known for their moderate to heavy shedding. You may have noticed that your Pomchi face excessive shedding during the spring and fall season. They shed to give space to new hairs. It also depends upon the coat they inherit from their parents. Their double and thick coat shed more. You can minimize their shedding effects by regular grooming. Brush their coat daily to remove the dead hairs to prevent them from mats and tangles.

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