Can Pomchis Swim? – Three Safe Places For Pomchis To Swim

Yes, Pomchi can swim for short distances just like his parents. They can accompany you in swimming and water activities. So, having a Pomchi can be the best experience of your life. But you have to know that they are not technically good at it. So, letting your Pomchi for longer swimming can be dangerous for them. You have to understand that, unlike the other dog breeds, Pomchis are not great swimmers. They can’t swim for longer.


But this is also an impactful exercise for Pomchis, just like other dogs. This low-impact activity burns energy fast and strengthens their muscles. It’s also strengthening the dog’s heart and lungs and increases their metabolism. Let’s know more about Pomchis swimming abilities.

Can Pomchis Swim?

Pomchi PicturesPomchis can swim like other dog breeds, but they need more time and support to learn the advanced techniques than the other dogs. Their fluffy coat helps them float on water, but you can help them with a life jacket to feel more comfortable, especially when they haven’t faced the water before. But regardless of your confidence in your Pomchi, don’t leave them alone to swim. If your Pomchi can swim, it doesn’t mean he also enjoys it. Your Pomchi behavior mainly determined whether the pool is for him or not. Your Poomchi may not enjoy swimming at first, but it doesn’t mean that you give up all your hope. They just need some additional support and courage at first with some training. Let’s see how you can teach swimming to Pomchi.

Teaching The Swimming To Pomchi

It’s always fun to teach swimming to dogs, but it’s become especially enjoyable for small dog breeds like Pomchi. You must start introducing your Pomchi with water at a young age as at this age; they are usually bursting with curiosity and excitement. Follow the below guidelines while teaching swimming to Pomchis.

  • Pomchi PicturesAlways start with a small amount of water to introduce the Pomchis with water.
  • Don’t come hard on your Pomchi; give some time to them to dip their paws in the water and get comfortable. The main goal here is to just introduce the Pomchis with water.
  • Now, get alongside your Pomchi in the water and swim with him.
  • When you think your Pomchi is comfortable in the water, you can try some pool with little deeper water.
  • During the swimming, lift the Pomchis tummy to help them to float.
  • Always take a break after a small session and ensure each session doesn’t exceed a couple of minutes.
  • Teaching the Pomchis how to get out of the pool is also important. You can practice the water exiting to show them how to leave the water after swimming. An exit ramp can be helpful for them to leave the water.
  • Make sure to keep all this experience positive to ensure that your Pomchi doesn’t become afraid of water.

3 Safe Places To Let Your Pomchi To Swim In

If you think your Pomchi is ready to swim, three places are very safe from him, which include a fenced-off pool, a pool with a ramp, and a pool with an alarm.

1. Fenced Off Pool

fenced off pool 3The fenced-off pools are good to determine when your Pomchi goes in and when he doesn’t. You don’t have to constantly think about the safety of your Pomchi whether you are working from home or doing chores around the house. So, it’s always a good option to secure the pool with a fence rather than checking through the window every other minute.

2. Pool With Ramp

pool with rampPomchis are brave dogs but don’t ignore the panic they can face while they experience any new situation. They might get stressed when they don’t have swimming experience in a particular place. You can think about the moment when you first time entered the deep water. A similar can happen with your Pomchi as well. They are usually scared, which can be responsible for some rash moments. This can be a most dangerous situation, especially when you are not around them. So, you can simply place a ramp in your background pool as a helping hand for your Pomchi. This will become very useful for them whenever they face any unusual thing in the water.

3. Pool With Alarm

pool with alarmThe pools with an alarm can provide you with the best safety for your pets at your home. Whenever something touches the surface of the water, the alarm will go off in these pools. You can keep the alarm on when your pom roams freely in the house and backyard. It’s equally beneficial if you have children in your home.


3 Dangerous Things For Your Pomchi To Swim In

If your Pomchi can swim, it doesn’t mean that they can swim anywhere without any danger. Below are three dangerous places for Pomchis, that you always need to avoid.

1. Rivers

Don’t leave your Pomchi alone in the river as the current water flow in the river can change at any time. Even if you regularly visit the river and know that it’s safe to swim. You river currents can change frequently.

2. Oceans

Oceans can be extremely dangerous for small Pomchis. They can also swallow the salt water. So, it’s better to avoid places like the ocean. We know the currents or tides can even carry people away. They are so unpredictable and powerful.

3. The Sea

We know the sea water is even dangerous for humans to swim in some conditions. The tides are one of the main concerns always to consider. So, it’s important to prevent the Pomchis from swimming in seawater.

Pomchi Pictures


Pomchis can swim just like the other dogs. But you must take special care than the other dog breeds as they can’t swim for longer. They are not great swimmers. You have to introduce them to water at an early age. In fact, it’s an impactful exercise for any dog breed if done properly. Don’t leave your Pomchi in the water for swimming for more than a few minutes. As a better option, you can teach your Pomchi first before leaving him for proper swimming.

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