Can Pomchis Eat Banana? Benefits And Dangers

Most of the AKC registered dogs can eat bananas. But the question is can Pomchis eat Bananas? The simple answer is yes, Pomchis can eat the banana. In fact, it’s abundant in vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and fiber. But Pomchis can only eat the bananas safely in moderation. These are low in calories, making them a wonderful snack for Pomchis. But too many bananas can have adverse health effects for Pomchis.


In this article, we will see can Pomchis eat bananas? Although the banana peel is not poisonous for Pomchis, it can be difficult for them to digest and cause intestinal obstructions. These issues can lead the Pomchis to nonavoidable concerns. In short, don’t give the banana peel to Pomchis. Let’s know more about offering bananas to Pomchis.

Benefits Of Banana For Pomchis

Below are some of the common potential health benefits of bananas for Pomchis.

Help to recover muscles

Bananas help to recover the muscles faster. Their high potassium content helps the muscles recover after a workout, strengthens their growth, and allows them to exercise more. It’s never a bad idea to add bananas in your Pomchis diet. But make sure they are not eating more than 10% of their daily diet.

Help In Digestion

Bananas contain fiber that is an excellent source to support digestion issues. Pomchis can easily digest their food after eating bananas. It’s softened their poo by increasing its weight and size. So, you can feed the bananas to your Pomchi to add the digestion and elimination issues.

Give Them Energy

Banana contains essential energy sources for dogs, which include sucrose, and glucose. This is a good fat-free and cholesterol-free energy for Pomchis. So, banana is a great snack for dogs before and after sports, especially for the energetic dogs like Pomchi.

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Contain Extra Vitamin C

Banana contains extra vitamin C, which is especially essential for dogs with their aging. In fact, it can also assist your dog with wound healing and energy regeneration. It also prevents sickness, infection, and disease as an antioxidant. You can offer bananas to your dog instead of kibbles. So, it’s never a bad idea to give bananas to Pomchis at least once a week.

Provide Extra Vitamin

Bananas also provide many other essential vitamins to Pomchis, which help them to develop and maintain their skin, coat, nerves, and muscles. They contain a lot of fiber, and vitamin C, which is good for Pomchis digestion.

Dangers Of Bananas For Pomchis

Bananas can also have some dangers for Pomchis. Below are some of the dangers of bananas for Pomchis.

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Bananas contain a lot of sugar content, which can be harmful to Pomchis. When Pomchis eat much of them, it can lead them to weight gain, and we know weight gain itself is a major cause of many other issues.

Digestion Upset

Too much banana can also lead the Pomchis to digestion upset like diarrhea. In case of diarrhea, watch their intake instead of feeding them more bananas. If their symptoms don’t resolve within 24 hours, call your veterinarian immediately.


Pomchis can eat bananas, but moderation is the key when offering bananas to Pomchis. Keep in mind a simple rule while offering the bananas to Pomchis: don’t offer them more than 10% of their diet. Overeating can lead the Pomchis to weight gain, which is itself a major issue for many dog health problems. Don’t offer the banana peels to Pomchis as it can be toxic to them. You can make a plan of feeding the bananas to Pomchis only once a week.

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