Are Pomchis Aggressive? Possible Reasons of Pomchis Aggression

Yes, Pomchis can be aggressive around strangers and other animals. But you can prevent them from building this behavior with their proper training. Fortunately, these are trainable dogs and can be trained for various tasks. But you have to be patient as they may take some time. It’s also important to help curb this breed’s tendency to get yappy.

are pomchis aggressive

They have a strong temperament and are full of energy, which plays an important role in their aggressions. Many people like aggressive dog breeds as it plays a positive role in their personality. But the over aggression is disliked by dog lovers. In this article, we will discuss everything about the Pomchis aggression. Their aggression somehow depends upon their parents as well. Let’s first see how Pomchi’s parents behave.

Pomchi Parents Aggression

Pomchis inherit most of the traits from both of their parents. Their aggressive behavior also depends upon their parents. Let’s see Pomchis parents in terms of term aggression.

  • Pomchi PicsPomeranian: Pomeranians are not known for being aggressive dogs. However, their aggression may be a little deeper when they don’t respond to the training methods. But you can locate an experienced dog trainer to turn your Pomeranian’s aggressive behavior into an adorable fluffy pet.
  • Chihuahua: Chihuahua is one of the most aggressive dog breeds and is known for its aggression. They are very aggressive against the bigger dogs that they have never seen before. But you have to know that none of the dog breeds is particularly aggressive. You can train them from an early age to make them the perfect family pet.

So, we can say that Pomchis inherit their aggressive behavior from Chihuahua parents. They can show this behavior for the same reason as other dogs, such as anxiety, territorial, or to show dominance.

Possible Reasons for Pomchis Aggression

Sometime Pomchis aggression is not normal. In this case, there can be many possible reasons for their aggression. Some of the possible reasons for their aggression are as follows.

pomchi aggression

Illness and Injuries

Sometimes medical conditions are responsible for the Pomchis aggression, especially when your Pomchi suddenly start growling, snapping, or biting. Their pain is the common cause of aggression. They may have discomfort and stress due to some major injury. Some common causes of pain in dogs include arthritis, bone fractures, internal injuries, various tumors, and lacerations. Some other illnesses may also affect your Pomchis brain and lead them to seemingly unreasonable aggression. If your dog is showing sudden aggression, try to talk with your veterinarian.


The fearful Pomchis easily develop aggressive behavior. Even many Pomchis only exhibit aggressive behavior when they sense that they are in danger. This situation usually arises when they are backed into a corner with no way out or if they think that a hand raised on them means they will get hit. However, you can handle the situation in the best way after discussing it with the breeder from where you get the dog. After discussing, you can manage your Pomchis fear on your own with training and patience.


Pomchis also show aggression when they are possessive of something, which includes food, toys, or some other object of value. The possessive Pomchis show aggression when someone approaches their food bowl or gets too close when they are chewing their favorite toy. Some Pomchis also bite strangers when they step into their territory in the home. However, the level of their aggression may vary depending upon the environment.

Pomchi Pics

Show of Dominance

Sometimes dogs show aggressive behavior to show dominance. This is usually directed towards the other dogs, but it can also occur with humans. Dog owners need to understand that dominance is a behavior. They are not dominant by nature; it’s typically determined by the circumstances. The dominant dogs just want to show that they are in charge of the situation. They start growling, snapping, or biting, when they think that their position is challenged. But don’t mix their aggression due to dominance with the other aggressions.


Dogs also show aggression due to frustration. They can be frustrated due to a variety of reasons. Usually, they are frustrated when they are not being able to get something. This is one of the common types of aggression in Pomchis.


In short, Pomchis are aggressive dogs. But they are not known for their aggression, just like their Chihuahua parent. They only show their aggression in some specific situations. You can easily train these intelligent dogs for various tasks. Their aggression issues can also be minimized by training them at an early age. Sometimes they also bark a lot, especially when some strangers come to your home. That’s why many people also like them as guard dogs.

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